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Naval Systems

Having successfully entered the naval shipbuilding arena, RNAVAL is now in the process of diversifying its capabilities and has undertaken major initiatives in establishing long term strategic partnerships with leading global defence firms such as Saab Ab, Sweden, to acquire state-of-art-technology for naval C4I systems, weapons and sensors. Pipavav’s partnerships in the naval systems domain are focused on the following areas;

  • Next Generation Combat Management System (CMS)
  • Co-production of weapons and sensors
  • Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs) and Underwater Systems
  • Systems Engineering
Centre of Excellence (CoE

RNAVAL has also set up a Centre of Excellence (CoE) for Naval C4I Systems.

The company, through its strategic and technology partnerships, is also setting up facilities for the production of Missiles and Torpedo Systems, Underwater Systems, Electro Optical/IR systems and other strategic defence electronics, to meet the requirements of the Indian Armed Forces.

Our design and manufacturing clusters are collaborating with world-class companies as well as creating a qualified local supply chain in both public and private sectors to develop and build large and complex systems.

RNAVAL has established a large team of domain experts backed by seamless project management and system integration capabilities.

Land Systems

Having built a strong foundation of core engineering and production capabilities for its major client, the Indian Navy, and other clients across sectors, RNAVAL is also targeting leadership in the design, development, production, support, upgrade and overhaul of tracked and wheeled military vehicles and other land based weapon systems. These ground-force assets remain critical to the military’s structure and offer continuing opportunities for modernization and enhancements to meet the war-fighting capabilities and evolving requirements of the Indian Defence Forces.

Our team is building world-class infrastructure and will work closely with every key stakeholder in this sector, including the Indian Forces and DRDO, to develop weapon systems that are relevant, affordable and capable of supporting active operations in a dynamic threat environment. RNAVAL, through technology partnerships with Global OEM’s, constant evolution of manufacturing technology & infrastructure, efficient processes and world-class production capabilities, aims to deliver products that are reliable, effective and globally competitive, while maintaining a high level of troop safety.