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Approximately 4.5 kms from the dry-dock, located in a Special Economic Zone, is RNAVAL fabrication facility spread over 235 acres, with 2 million square feet of closed working areas. The fabrication facility can cut steel and fabricate blocks of up to 144,000 tons per annum

By locating its workshops and fabrication facilities in an SEZ, away from the dry dock site, RNAVAL gets two key advantages:

  1. Maximum water frontage is available at the shipyard site for ship assembly, fabrication of offshore oil & gas exploration and production assets and ship repair activities.
  2. Access to a highly tax-efficient SEZ unit.

The blocks manufactured at this site are pre-outfitted to the extent possible. Blocks are then moved to the dockside for pre-erection of mega- and giga-blocks. Subsequently, blocks are lowered to the dock floor for final assembly and launch of the vessel.